• Immedeline PG

    Immedeline PG

    Immedeline PG is a natural biopolymer that can bring instant tightening and lifting effect to skin. The core component is Prunus persica (Peach)
  • Rejutime PTC

    Rejutime PTC

    Rejutime® PTC is of mergence with two highly-effective anti-aging actives and exhibits effects based on “3 Dimension Anti-aging Theory”: 1st
  • Gioactive F-1000

    Gioactive F-1000

    Gioactive® F-1000 is a biological polysaccharide derived from brown seaweeds, main component of which is Fucoidan. It is a new
  • Gracest SOY

    Gracest SOY

    Gracest® SOY is a kind of biological isoflavone extracted from Glycine max. It has similar structure and activity to Estrogen’s, so it is also