Gerbex Eucommia

书     Introduction:

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver, also known as bakelite, is a Eucommia plant and medicinal Eucommia ulmoides. The active ingredients in Eucommia leaves, mainly including lignans, flavonoids and organic acids, can increase the activity of SOD and GSH-Px in cells and inhibit the production of MDA, a lipid peroxidation product, and specifically inhibit the activity of transcription factor NF-KB, reduce the production of TNF-α and IL-6 and so produce anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, Eucommia has a strong antibacterial effect and epinephrine-like effects.

名称     INCI Name: 

Water, Butylene Glycol, Eucommia ulmoides Leaf Extract

介绍     Features and benefits:

• Resists oxidation strongly, improves SOD and GSH-Px activity in cells, prevents photo-aging induced by UV;

• Inhibits transcription factor NF-KB’s activity, reduces production of TNF-α and IL-6 and exhibits anti-inflammation effects

应用 (2)      Applications:

Used in anti-aging products, anti-inflammation products and soothing products.Suitable for lotion, gel, essence, emulsion, cream, etc.

介绍     Recommended use level:

1.0~5.0 %.