Gerbex Ginseng

书     Introduction:

Panax ginseng is a perennial herb belonging to the Panax of the Araliaceae. It is known as one of the "Three Treasures of Northeast China" and has been used as a Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. The main active component Ginsenosides enable it to exhibit anti-ageing, whitening and hair caring(nourishing, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff) effects. 

名称     INCI Name: 

Butylene Glycol, Water, Panax ginseng Root Extract

介绍    Features and benefits:

• Ginsenoside Rbl can inhibit the expression of secretases and thus reducing senile plaques;

• Ginsenoside Rbl can protect skin cells against the oxidative damage induced by ultraviolet irradiation, promote the synthesis of collagen and inhibit the expression of matrix metalloproteinase;

• Ginsenoside Rbl have effects on the proliferation of B16 melanocytes varies with the concentration;

• Ginseng can promote the proliferation of follicular mesenchymal stem cells, thereby promoting the growth of hair follicle.

应用 (2)      Applications:

Recommended for whitening products, anti-spot products, anti-aging products, etc.

Suitable for lotion, gel, essence, emulsion, cream, etc.

介绍     Recommended use level:

1.0~5.0 %.