Gwhite TAA

书     Introduction:

Gwhite® TAA is an internationally recognized skin whitening ingredient. It can prevent Melanin synthesis by inhibiting the key transcription factors of MITF, thus eliminating or reducing Chloasma(Chloasma is a disease caused by metabolic disorder of skin pigment) from the root. Meanwhile, Gwhite® TAA inhibits the synthesis of Interleukin and Prostaglandin, so it exhibits strong anti-inflammatory effects as well. 

名称     INCI Name: 

Tranexamic Acid

介绍     Features and benefits:

• Inhibits the activity of Tyrosinase at the root by indirectly reducing the level of MITF, prevents the formation of Melanin;

• Inhibits the synthesis of inflammation mediator, has strong anti-inflammatory effect;

• Highly safe, mild and non-irritant.

应用 (2)     Applications:

Whitening agent;Used in whitening products, anti-spot products;Suitable for lotion, gel, essence, emulsion and cream, etc.. 

介绍     Recommended use level:

1.0 - 3.0%.