Shanghai JIABEI-TEST Biotech Co., Ltd. (under JAKA Group) expanded the “Testing and Evaluation Center” in 2019. The team members have rich experience in cosmetic efficacy evaluation, and established efficacy evaluation systems at molecular level, 2D cell level, 3D skin tissue level, and clinical level. More than 70 efficacy evaluation models have been compiled and applied to more than 14 categories of efficacy claims.

JIABEI-TEST Biotech currently manages an area of 1,350 square meters, including Physical and Chemical Analysis Lab, Microbiology Lab, Safety Evaluation Lab, Cell Culture Lab, and Clinical Test Lab. It is equipped with CK Multi Probe Adapter (MPA6), DermaLab Skin Ultrasound Apparatus, Visioscan VC 98 Probe, Microplate Absorbance Reader, VISIA Skin Analysis, HPLC Detector and other equipment.

In February 2021, JIABEI-TEST Biotech obtained the Certificate of Qualification of Inspection and Testing Agency, and became a third-party inspection and testing agency focusing on the evaluation of cosmetic efficacy. The company takes "fairness and rigor, accuracy and efficiency, enthusiasm and standardization" as its quality policy. Until now, JIABEI-TEST Biotech has provided rigorous, objective and fair testing services to more and more cosmetic companies in the domestic industry.