GREAF participated in “Indonesia ICI”

“Indonesia ICI Surabaya 2019″ is an exhibition that showcases the latest information in the field of cosmetic ingredients, packaging, printing and cosmetics in Indonesia.

In 2018, GREAF participated in ICI through local dealers in Indonesia by presenting product plans and displaying products. On June 26, 2019, GREAF was invited to enter the exhibition as an exhibitor for the first time as a Raw material supplier in China with the latest products and skin solutions.

According to the local environment, climate and people’s skin conditions in Indonesia, GREAF specially formulated the “moisturizing formula” with Gmoist Sea-Gel®-H as the core and the “3D anti-aging” plan with Rejutime® PTC as the core. It is also a litmus test of product effectiveness in harsher climates.

With the successful conclusion of the Exhibition in Indonesia, GREAF’s products and skin care solutions attracted the attention of all exhibitors and reached important cooperation with some local brands. Everyone’s great affirmation and support for GREAF and our products indicates that every step we take to go abroad is to lay the cornerstone to the world.


Post time: Jul-05-2019