GREAF participated in the 25th IFSCC Conference with the latest scientific research results

After becoming a member of IFSCC in August, GREAF went to Milan, Italy, the European fashion capital from September 30 to October 2, to participate in the IFSCC Conference.

IFSCC Conference is held every two years to release the latest global cosmetics technology development trends. It is an international cosmetics technology summit, representing the research level of various countries in the field of cosmetics, and is known as the “Olympic Games in the field of cosmetic science and technology.”

In this international exchange event of science and friendship, GREAF brought our self-developed raw materials Rejutime® PTC and Antisebum® GMP to share with everyone. We not only integrated China’s unique traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science research results with international biochemistry-based research, but also learned about the latest international cutting-edge skin care scientific research progress.

GREAF, as a leader in the domestic functional raw material industry, is also on the way to the world, striving to become a leader in the international raw material industry.


Post time: Oct-09-2019