GREAT NEWS! Urbluray MS (anti-blue light) and Hairdian AP (anti-hair loss) from GREAF (a JAKA Group Company) have also been approved with COSMOS-standard on July 6th, 2021, following the three anti-irritation products: Calmnerv CR, Comthing SGS, Phytobaby CAP.


Urbluray MS is a fully restorative ingredient extracted from Medicago sativa. It can not only defense against blue light, but also repair the skin damage caused by blue light and UV. 

Protect skin from sunlight, computer screen and LED light by specific absorption of blue light with the wavelength of 400-500nm
•Light damage repairing 
Clinically repair skin damage by up to 86%
Scavenge free radicals and inhibit ROS production


Hairdian AP is a natural plant material developed for hair loss. The bioactive ingredients are extracted from Latycladus orientalis, Zingiber officinale, Trifolium pratense and Artemisia argyi using two innovative techniques named ultrasonic-assisted semi bionic extraction and thermal infiltration integrated extraction.

•Inhibit Hair Loss
•Regulate sebum secretion
•Promote autophagy of DPCs (dermal papilla cells)
•Accelerate synthesis of Collagen XVII
•Up-regulate the expression of cell growth factors







Post time: Jul-08-2021