“Inspire Beauty Code”, in-cosmetics asia 2019 in Thailand

November 5-7th, in-cosmetics asia was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and GREAF also attended as scheduled.In-cosmetics asia is the leading personal care raw material sourcing event in the Asia Pacific region. The exhibition brings together the most innovative and cutting-edge raw material suppliers and finished product manufacturers in the industry, providing an excellent opportunity for industry insiders from Asia and other regions to learn and explore innovative beauty products together.

The exhibition included a popular new product display area, lectures on market trends, recipe LABS and R&D workshops. The best attraction of the exhibition was the three hot materials in the area of hot products, namely Clean Beauty, Suncare and Transforming Formulations.

In Clean Beauty exhibition area, Comthing® SGS, derived from natural plant essence, attracted lots of visitors’ curiosity, so that they came to the booth specially to learn the mechanism of action of the product. In addition to Comthing® SGS, GREAF’s Scalpatron VGP®, Rejutime® PTC and other products were also well received by visitors.

Another highlight of the exhibition was the grand launch of the Halal Cosmetics Area in in-cosmetics asia for the first time. It was also a special experience for GREAF. The plant active raw materials and plant extract raw materials have obtained HALAL certification. It means that while we have a more intuitive understanding of Halal products for the first time with upstream and downstream brand operators around the world, we will closely follow the trend of global Halal certification products and formulate the supply strategy of halal cosmetics in the future.


Post time: Nov-08-2019