“Scalpatron® VGP” won the “Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020″!

Today, the “2020 Personal Care Technology Summit Forum and Exhibition (PCT)” was held as scheduled, and the “2020 China Personal Care and Cosmetic Technology Innovation Award” was awarded at the same time. After Phytobaby™ CAP won the “PCHi Fountain Award 2020″, the Scalp Care product “Scalpatron® VGP” won the “Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020″!
The “Ringier Technology Innovation Awards” aims to commend innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions in the personal care and cosmetics industries, and encourage more companies to invest in technological innovation to increase productivity and economic benefits, provide users with greater convenience, and achieve the purpose of sustainable development.
GREAF has precisely studied the mechanism of scalp itching, greasy, redness, dandruff, etc. which are common in modern people. It selects three natural anti-inflammatory and antipruritic plants, and launches the compound formula “Scalpatron® VGP” to clear the scalp freely Base, inhibit lipid peroxidation, restore scalp micro-ecological balance, repair scalp barrier function.
GREAF uses ancient natural plant power, follows the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and combines innovative research and development technology to solve the skin problems of modern people. “To create skin beauty via technology”.




Post time: Jul-21-2020