R & I Center

GREAF’s R&I center and factory--Shanghai JAKA has been entitled as High and New Technology Enterprise by Shanghai Government. With experienced technical team, GREAF R&I Center focus on developing synthetic active ingredients, herbal extracts and fermentative ingredients in steps of global novel biotechnology. Consequently, GREAF has received eleven patents and established first-class R&I labs, which has introduced a comprehensive product safety and efficacy evaluation system that including 50 efficacy models of molecule, cell, 3D reconstructed skin and clinic level.

R&I Labs

Biological Lab-01
Cell Culture Lab-02
Clinical Test Lab-03
Application Lab-04
Phytochemistry Lab-05
Quality Control Lab-06

R&I Devices

Fluorescence Microscope-01
HPLC Detector-02
VISIA  Skin Analysis-03
CK Multi Probe Adapter-04
Visiosan VC 98 Probe-05
inverted microscope-06

Efficacy Test