R & I Center

With an experienced technical team, GREAF is devoted to developing synthetic active ingredients, herbal extracts and fermentative ingredients in steps of global novel biotechnology. So far, we have applied for 57 patents and established a first-class evaluation CMA platform, which has introduced a comprehensive product safety and efficacy evaluation system including 70 clinical efficacy models of molecule, cell and 3D reconstructed skin. In 2018, JAKA Group was entitled as High and New Technology Enterprise by Shanghai Government.

R&I Labs

Biological Lab-01
Cell Culture Lab-02
Clinical Test Lab-03
Application Lab-04
Phytochemistry Lab-05
Quality Control Lab-06

R&I Devices

Fluorescence Microscope-01
HPLC Detector-02
VISIA  Skin Analysis-03
CK Multi Probe Adapter-04
Visiosan VC 98 Probe-05
inverted microscope-06

Efficacy Test