• Urbluray MS

    Urbluray MS

    Scalpatron VGP is a novel active ingredient specially developed for protecting scalp mildly and relieving scalp itching, which extracted from 3 natural
  • Gioactive SPG

    Gioactive SPG

    Gioactive® SPG is beta-glucan fermented from Schizophyllum commune. Due to its water-soluble and electroneutral properties,
  • Redumatte ACE-Ⅱ

    Redumatte ACE-Ⅱ

    Redumatte ACE-Ⅱ is a natural active ingredient extracted from fruits of Aesculus chinensis and its active component is Aescin. This component can
  • Redumatte ASC-Ⅱ

    Redumatte ASC-Ⅱ

    Redumatte ASC-Ⅱis a highly-purified extract of Centella asiatica, a plant belonging to the Umbelliferae. The main active component is Madecassoside,